Our Story

We bought our 3 acre field in August 2017 originally as a place to escape the rat race and moved into the area when we purchased and fell in love with alpacas. We kept that land until The Great Flood of October 2019 when the river flooded it got to chest height on our field. That night the farmers rescued 600 sheep and 9 alpacas! After that we sold it and moved them to Llandrinio then Minsterley, Shropshire. When we moved to our forever cottage in Coedway in the summer of 2022 the alpacas, of course, came along too and are only a minute walk away. We are lucky enough to have enough land at home to have the alpacas with us if we feel we need extra alpaca time or if the field is resting!!

I wanted to share my beautiful animals with everyone so started the Therapeutic Alpacas side of the business in February 2019.

Sarah Tickle trading as Admirals View Alpacas is fully insured and licenced by Powys County Council (Serial Number LN/201900033)

Meet the Team

Sarah & Dandelion

Sarah Tickle

Owner & Mad Alpaca Lady

Ex Wren and loves her Alpacas

Andy with Dandelion & Mercury

Andy Tickle

Owner & General Dogsbody

Ex Army  & HGV driver basically does all the jobs Sarah doesn’t like doing!

Linda & Andy Pitt

Company Secretary & Technical Director 

Linda is a mad alpaca auntie and Andy always has a job to do


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